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"Dogwoods" Engraved Rolex by TEA

In May/June 2017 Buddy engraved his first Rolex.  He did the watch for Fin Des Temps.  Fin Des Temps is a company based out of NYC that specializes in engraved time pieces.   This watch is covered in Dogwood flowers.  Buddy has an attachment to dogwoods as they are the state flower of his home state, North Carolina.  He grew up going to the beaches of South Carolina and developed a big admiration for Great Blue Herons.  So he decided to engrave a Great Blue Heron on the back of the watch.   The entire design was all drawn by hand on the watch with a scribe and then engraved by hand as well.  It took Buddy over 130 hours to complete. ...

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Chief Singularity: Premium Fabricated Pendant

In designing this pendant, Chief Singularity, I wanted to visually portray conflicting concepts as well as dive into some philosophical questions.  Engraved on the backside of the pendant, there is a human skull as well as an eagle wing.  The human skull representing the dark and the eagle wing representing the light.  When you look at everything in its barest form it all comes down to darkness and light.  Most of my pieces are made in order to be of a “self help” variety.  Perhaps helping the wearer to better understand their emotions or remind them to make choices that will positively impact the world. I wanted to try something different with this piece but in the end I feel...

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Bloodlines: A new Talisman by TEA

TEA is proud to present to you all this latest pendant titled "Bloodlines".  Countless hours went into the creation of this pendant.  It was custom made for one of our favorite clients who gave me loose parameters and set me free to work on the piece without any creative boundaries.   During the creative process, there are always some bumps in the road.  This piece was no exception.  There were some happy accidents along the way as I like to call them.  Sometimes when you screw up, it actually enables a new creative idea to occur that may have never happened otherwise.     This piece was handcrafted with Sterling Silver.  It features a naturally acid etched Spessartine Garnet as...

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